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In garments washing there are a lot of chemicals are used in various purposes. These chemicals are available in market by their own name or trade names introduced by distinguish chemical manufacturing company. The main aim is to find out the function of the different chemicals and auxiliaries which are strongly related to the garments washing. 1.

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Best Practice of Garments Washing Factory in Apparel Industry . ... First bulk lot procedure is available in wash plant with a color-coding system. Garments are properly prepared and weighed/load size accordingly to suit for machine sizes and work order prepared.

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Garments Washing plant, Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1,148 likes · 28 talking about this. Save water, save chemicals, save environment .

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Process Flow Chart of T-Shirt Manufacturing: An accurate process flow chart is a key factor to achieve required amount of garments production.It has also so much importance to respect the shipping date of a garment export order.

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If you decide to launder the metal-embellished garments at home, follow the guidelines on the care label and hand wash or use the gentle cycle on your washer and a mesh washing bag. It is best to air-dry clothes with metal decorations to prevent any adhesive from melting in the high heat of the dryer.

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Aug 21, 2019· After all sort of washing process it takes rigorous quality checking as final to get back the whole lot according to the bundle ticket provided by the store department so that washing plant can offer the same garment with washing touch/impression back to the store for finishing accessories to be attached for final shipment on time meeting the ...

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Plant layout refers a systematic and efficient functional arrangement of various machines, equipment, tools, furniture etc. in such a manner so as to have quickest flow of material at the lowest cost and with the least amount of handling in processing the product from the receipt of raw material to the delivery of the final product.

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Dec 02, 2016· Different Types of Denim Wash Farzana Haque Research & Development Officer Vintage Denim Ltd. E-mail: [email protected] Denim Wash: Now-a-days denim wash is much popular both dry and wet washing process.According to the fashion and appearance, there include new washing process and technology such as 3D or laser techniques.

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Garments Washing: Normal & Silicon wash; Different parts of lock stitch/plain sewing machine; Sustainable development for green environment; Overview on Textile Printing; All About Garments Washing part- 5; All about Garments Washing Part- 4: Acid & Wet wash; Dry process of garments washing with different chemicals & equipments; Dry process of ...

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A Meeting to review reject garments is held at washing plant daily with the involvement of heads of production, Quality, technical departments and all staff level members of the production team. Each major and critical defect are reviewed by the senior team to see whether there is any chance to make the defects in to a commercial level.

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Oct 07, 2017· Garments Washing. Classification of Garments Washing. According to the process of washing, garments washing is basically of two types; one is a wet process and other is a dry process. Objectives of Garments Washing. Though garments washing is done to meet several objectives, among those followings are the most common. To remove size materials

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Important 90 Questions of Garments Washing & Dyeing ... outlook comfort ability and fashion of the garments is called garment washing. Depending on garments construction different types of washing process can be done. ... Write the machine names which are used in washing plant.

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With Its 7 Sister Concerns, M & J Group is a Leading Manufacturer in Bangladesh. Having more than 794,000 sft floor spaces, producing 17 million pieces of garments per year with modern machinery facilities, M & J Group perfectly combines strength and expertise in garment manufacturing services suitable for industry needs.

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SOP for washing and inspection of garments. Objective: To lay down a procedure for washing and inspection of garments. Scope: This SOP is applicable for washing and inspection of garments for dry powder Injection facility in formulation. Responsibility: Production operator / technician – responsible for washing and inspection of garments Production officer / Executive – …

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The sequence or order in which the jobs are executed is determined by the sequencing. The sequence of processing each job will be vital when it comes to the cost of idle time at work centres. Hence, establishment of priority for all the jobs waiting in the queue by applying priority sequencing …

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We have 6 textile units, each of them with its own specifications and product specialties. We are able to produce almost 70 million pieces of garments (both knitted and woven) per year, with more than 16,500 workers and employees in more than 170,000 square meters.


Garments Washing plant, Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1,033 likes · 4 talking about this. Save water, save chemicals, save environment .

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May 03, 2014· Garment wash is a new technology, which is used to modify the outlook, appearance, comfort ability and fashion of the garments is called garments washing. Garment washing is normally processed after stitching. As per fashion trend and customer demand buyers ask for garment washing though it increases the cost of the garment.

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May 19, 2013· 7. Set-up a garment washing plant Washing is required in various stages of garment manufacturing – fabric washing, various types of garment washing. Secondly, buyers placed an order for washed garment, with different types of end looks and hand feels. Small exporters don't have their own washing plant.

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Prasara Washing Plant Dankotuwa (Pvt) Ltd is a pioneer washing plant established in Sri Lanka with the objective of supplying the growing needs of the apparel industry in washing dying and processing garments and fabrics.

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garments production sequence: Garments manufacturing follows a flowchart where in each steps definite works are completed to carried out a complete garments. Here I will show you all of the garments manufacturing steps that you must follow to make a garment.

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Some countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka apparel industry is the major export earning sector. In this article we will discuss on manufacturing sequence of garments. At first we give a line flow chart of garment manufacturing and then shortly describe of these steps in table.