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You also have a choice of heat-treated stainless steel grinder plates and carbon steel meat grinder plates. Our #8 grinder plate selection includes those with 1/2" holes, 3/8" holes, 1/4" holes and 3/16" holes. The 1/2" size provides the coarsest grind, ideal for a first grind or for grinding …

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Select a Category: Blades. Butcher Band Saw Blades. Meat Grinder Knives. Meat Grinder Plates. Enterprise Style Plates. Cleveland Style Plates. Cleveland/ Toledo 12. ... Triumph Meat Grinder Plate Cleveland 32 HUB STYLE D2 Steel 3/16" Holes. In Stock – Expected to ship Friday, May 29. $63.00.

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Whether you're using your grinder strictly for meats, for making pet food, or for creating other dishes, our selection of meat grinder plates and blades include the most popular blade sizes. Small, slotted holes, like on our stainless steel 3/16" grinder plate, are ideal for processing meat to make bologna, hamburgers, and most sausages.

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3/16 (4.5mm holes) small hamburger. 1/4" (6.0mm holes) typical hamburger. 2-hole plate. For using your grinder to stuff sausage into the tubes. These plates fit most models of Hobart, TorRey, Cabelas, Universal, LEM, Biro, Enterprise, Northern tool, Univex and many, many others.

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New meat grinder plate and knife for virtually all size #12 meat grinders. Fits electric or manual meat grinders. This plate has 1/2" (12mm) holes which is a great size for chili making or the first grind when making sausage. Stainless steel parts will not rust. Fits Hobart models 4212 4612 4812 8412 and …

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Need Help? Visit the Walton's Learning Center at Meatgistics and join in with the rest of the Walton's Community by asking questions and learn how to make tasty homemade meat snacks. Learn how to make homemade meat snacks like snack sticks, jerky, summer sausage, hams, bacon, and more! Read tips, tricks, meat hacks, and get feedback directly from the experts at Walton's.

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Meat Grinder Plates. Meat grinder plates for Butcher Boy, Biro, Hobart, Tor-rey, Thunderbird, Choprite, and More Grinders. We offer high grade, hardened steel meat grinder plates for most grinders. Available plate styles include Cleveland, Enterprise, and Toledo. Choose from hub or reversible plates.

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Grinding plates are usually of varied sizes – only ensure that the size you pick matches with the base of your grinder where it will be mounted. Sometimes, it 's nice to purchase an extra grinding plate. Doing so gives you more variety from which you can select from when preparing meat-based snacks.

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Sep 19, 2012· For general sausage like salami, snack sticks, kielbasa what are the prefered size of the grinding plates to use. I generally grind through my largest plate and then a second grind through a 1/4" plate. This new grinder I bought seems to have a bad set of sizes. The large plate is 10 mm and the other plate is 4.5 mm.

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Nov 20, 2018· The following is the list of the different meat grinder uses you should be aware of. 1. Grinding Meat. The basic application of a meat grinder is to grind meat of any type. Therefore, you can have fresh, juicy, and tender meats for your dishes anytime you want. The availability of different sizes of blades produces meat of different coarseness.

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Choose your grinder hole sizes. New heavy-duty stainless steel meat grinding plates for Hobart model # 4732 4532 4332 4132 4046 4146 4346 4546 and most other #32 and #46 meat grinders. These plates are stainless steel and do NOT require lubricating prior to storage. They measure 3 15/16" across with 3-notches on the rim.

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When you reverse the plate to use the new side, use a new knife. Using an unmatched knife/plate set will cause bad performance, rapid wear and possibly breakage. So you will normally want to have two blades for every plate. Pro-Cut meat grinder knives and plates can be used in Torrey grinders.

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#8 575 W Silver Electric Meat Grinder with Sausage Stuffing Funnel The Weston No. 8, Electric Meat Grinder doubles The Weston No. 8, Electric Meat Grinder doubles as a sausage stuffer and features a compact design for easy storage. Its powerful 575-Watt motor is ideal for grinding any wild game or domestic meat at home, grinding 2-3 lbs. per minute.

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Aug 05, 2012· Plate size to use when grinding Pork Butt. Thread in 'Sausage' Thread starter Started by jimborxdoc, Start date Aug 4, 2012; Aug 4, 2012 #1 jimborxdoc Newbie. 6 10 Joined Aug 4, 2012. I need some help from this great forum with my new hobby. I have purchased a meat grinder/stuffer and have boned out one pork butt and ground it and stuffed it.

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Invented in 1927 by John Hammes, the garbage disposal hasn't changed much over the years. A classic version is little more than a plastic housing containing a motor connected to a metal grinding plate with two "teeth" (called impellers) that help break down the food waste.The plate is surrounded by a perforated metal ring called the grinding ring.

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Sep 16, 2016· The way I learned when I was kid was to use a coarse plate (7mm currently) on an initial grind, and then feed it back through with a finer plate (4.5mm). I've fed well over a thousand pounds of burger into the hopper of various grinders over the years using that method Currently using a #22 1hp Cabelas grinder. The problem is, my method stinks.

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GRINDER PLATES & ACCESSORIES . Superabrasive offers a wide variety of accessories for LAVINA machines as well as adapter tool holder plates for other grinders, such as HTC, Husqvarna, Sase, Scanmaskin, Edco, STI, etc., to convert them to Lavina Quick Change tooling.. ADAPTER PLATES FOR QUICK CHANGE TOOLS . With Superabrasive's adapter plates, you can easily switch to our Quick …

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Jun 15, 2010· Basically, all you've got to do is assemble the grinder with the plate you desire; feed your trimmed meat (grinders hate sinew and connective tissues, so make sure to trim it all out) into the hopper; turn on the grinder (if using a grinder on a stand mixer attachment, a relatively fast speed is the way to go—I've found that about 6 to 8 on ...

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1/8" (3 mm) meat grinder plate. Hubless and made of Stainless Steel. Will typically stay sharp 3 times longer then carbon steel plates. Good for fine grinding for Bologna, Hot Dogs or finely ground Hamburger. You must select your grinders size from the drop …

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To order grinder plates, first determine the style of your grinder; Cleveland, Enterprise, or Toledo from the chart below. Next determine the cutting group size; #10/ 12, #22, #32, #52, #56. Select the appropriate plate category to view plates for your grinder.

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Hello Select your address ... #12 Stainless Steel Meat Grinder Plate Discs Blades for Kitchenaid Mixer FGA Food Chopper and Hobart, LEM, Cabelas, Weston, MTN Meat Grinders. Cross-Shaped Professional Stainless Steel Kitchen Food Meat Grinder Blade Mincers Knife …

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The second major question to address when selecting a flap disc is what type of backing plate you should use (Figure 2). All flap discs are a combination of abrasive flaps adhered to a rigid backing plate. It is the backing plate that provides stability during operation, and they are …